Gins to Keep an Eye on For 2024

Falling temperatures and the end of 2023 have us reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the exceptional releases of 2024. Some major announcements will also be discussed in the coming year. With the introduction of several innovative distilleries and the ongoing refinement and exploration of our beloved spirit, gin has had a fantastic year.

Modern Gin Trends

A gin revival and a push for sustainable, environmentally friendly production have both emerged in recent years. These are closely related to a love of nature and native animals; in 2023, there was a surge in the number of producers who drew ideas from local herbs and botanicals. We anticipate this trend to persist in 2024, with a focus on serious terroir-driven examples.

With more and more people looking for organic, fresh, and genuine flavors, this naturally flows into the flavored gin market. There has been a deluge of citrusy, berry-forward, and exquisitely flowery pink gins released in the last several months. We expect 2024 to bring much more of the same.

When we talk about tastes, be on the lookout for some incredible new spirits that are riding the Asian wave of influence. Cherry blossom (sakura), yuzu, tea leaves, sansho pepper, galangal, and other exotic botanicals are sure to add even more variety to the already impressive lineup of gins.

Rebranding Edinburgh Gin and Construction of a New Distillery

In the world of Edinburgh Gin, things are looking up. First of all, their renamed Dry and Full-strength assortment was just launched. Their commitment to sustainability has been enhanced with the elimination of secondary packaging and the promotion of recyclable materials. For example, they have introduced aluminum tin capsules and paper labels that are FSC-certified. Achieving net zero is the ultimate goal. In keeping with their multi-award-winning premium spirits, which pay homage to their Scottish roots with botanicals like milk thistle and heather, the new-look collection echoes the bottles.

Even more exciting is the announcement that Edinburgh Gin’s new distillery will be unveiled in the summer of 2024. Located in the middle of town, at the crossroads of Cranston Street and East Market Street, this project is worth several million pounds.

Blackeye Gin

Another one to keep an eye on is Blackeye Gin, which will be released in time for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Mike Tindall, winner of the 2003 World Cup, former England and Wasps great James Haskell, and sportscaster Alex Payne came up with this gin with a purpose. The Blackeye Rugby Fund will receive £1.50 for each bottle sold. This helps pay for studies, lowers the risk of injuries in sports, and helps players recover from life-altering injuries incurred while playing their favorite sport.

Botanicals from each of the main rugby nations go into making this gin, which is tart, delicate, flowery, and citrus-forward. Works wonderfully in a Gin Fizz, a citrus-forward cocktail, but it truly comes into its own in a G&T.

The Sassaman

Yes, it’s that celebrity gin again… Sam Heughan, the dashing Scotsman who plays Jamie Fraser on the fantasy series Outlander, says this. In his own drinks business, he pays homage to Scotland in every sip. An award-winning Sassenach blended Scotch was the first in his portfolio, and now he’s blown everyone away with a fantastic Scottish gin.

His native southwest Scotland, Galloway, served as inspiration for the eight botanicals utilized to make this. With hints of juniper, tart apple, berry fruit, and toasty cereal, this spirit is robust, fresh, and delicious.

The Redesigned Packaging of Sky Wave

Quite a commotion has been generated since the small-batch gin distillery Sky Wave, located in Oxfordshire, began operations in 2018. Rachel Hicks and Andrew Parsons, a dynamic duo who loved to travel and explore, started the business to create gin that would reflect their travels while also paying respect to the country where they were born and raised. The end product was honored with multiple Gold and Double Gold medals from esteemed industry figures and was named the World’s Best Contemporary London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards.

They have reintroduced the line in redesigned bottles, which give the gins an air of sophistication and quality befitting their handcrafted, limited-edition status. Concurrently, they have abandoned the 50cl size in favor of the 70cl, which is the norm in the industry. A new favorite, their Signature London Dry uses thirteen different botanicals sourced from all over the globe. Flavorful to the brim, it has a sharp acidity, strong spice undertones, and a well-balanced sweetness.

Flora Adora Hendrick’s New Gin

Flora Adora, Hendrick’s new botanical gin, debuted in 2023 and is beautiful and delicious. In this special version, they take their famous cucumber and rose blend and add a variety of flowering botanicals that pollinating insects adore. Inspired by the sight of insects pollinating flowers in Lesley Gracie’s garden on the coast of Ayrshire in Scotland, the brand’s master distiller produced it.

There are many blooms and new flowers. Similar to the original Hendrick’s, but with a more verdant and atmospheric flavor. Put this in a Gin and Tonic or a Clover Club for something incredibly refreshing.

Eden Mill – Gordon Ramsay Gin

Also, exciting things are happening at Eden Mill, where a distillery is being constructed on the new Eden Campus of St. Andrews University. Large glass windows will allow visitors to take in breathtaking views of the St. Andrews skyline and the Eden Estuary when the facility opens to the public in 2024. Plus, it will be environmentally good because we will be using only renewable energy, such as solar power, to power the event. On top of that, they will collect any CO₂ that is released during fermentation and give it to the university.

Just in case you didn’t notice, here is the end product of Eden Mill’s partnership with the legendary Gordon Ramsay… In 2023, Ramsay’s Gin also received a new, environmentally friendly bottle that used 18% less glass than the average industry size. Scottish coastal botanicals, such as mara seaweed and honeyberries, impart their flavor. It’s a lively, energetic spirit that tastes well in a Dry Martini because of its pleasant saltiness and abundance of fruit on the nose.

The year 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting one for gin!