Jack “Whiskey Wizard” O’Reilly – Founder & Festival Director With a name like O’Reilly, whiskey runs in his blood! Jack is the heart and soul of WhiskeyFestNW, turning his passion for whiskey into the Pacific Northwest’s largest whiskey festival. When Jack isn’t orchestrating our grand whiskey spectacle, you can find him debating the merits of bourbon vs. rye in one of Portland’s local distilleries.

Cassandra “Cask Master” Bailey – Event Coordinator Cassandra, our organizational powerhouse, ensures every element of WhiskeyFestNW runs as smoothly as a well-aged Scotch. Her knack for juggling a thousand tasks without spilling a drop is nothing short of miraculous. Fun fact: she has an uncanny ability to identify a whiskey’s age just by its smell!

Liam “The Professor” Thompson – Educational Program Manager A former distiller with a PhD in Biochemistry, Liam heads our Whiskey School. He loves sharing fascinating whiskey facts, explaining the science behind flavors, and shattering whiskey myths. Off-duty, Liam enjoys hunting for rare whiskey gems in the wilderness of the Northwest.

Eva “Mixing Maestro” Rodriguez – Cocktail Competition Manager Eva brings flair and creativity to our festival as the head of the Cocktail Competition. A celebrated mixologist, she transforms every whiskey bottle into a canvas for her cocktail artistry. In her spare time, Eva experiments with whiskey-infused culinary delights – ask her about her famous Bourbon-glazed barbecue!

Mack “The Charmer” McGuire – Community Outreach Coordinator Mack, our resident people-person, connects WhiskeyFestNW with our beloved community. From local charity partnerships to attendee interactions, he brings a personal touch to our festival. Mack’s tipple of choice is Canadian rye and he’s on a mission to convince others of its underrated brilliance.

Stella “The Storyteller” Harper – PR & Communications Manager Stella is the voice behind our festival. With a passion for crafting compelling narratives, she ensures our stories reach every corner of the whiskey world. She’s also our resident Irish whiskey advocate, arguing that the “water of life” deserves more spotlight.

We’re the WhiskeyFestNW team – whiskey lovers, festival creators, and your hosts for an unforgettable celebration of all things whiskey in the vibrant heart of the Pacific Northwest! We can’t wait to share our love for this incredible spirit with you. See you at WhiskeyFestNW!