6 Ways To Sell Liquor to Gen Z and Millennials

The spirits industry stands at an intriguing crossroads. On one hand, you have the Millennials – a cohort with a palpable spending power of $30.2 billion. Their formative years were punctuated by the rise of e-commerce, the allure of social media, and a relatively stable economy. On the other hand, there’s Generation Z, the digital natives with a purchasing clout of $10.7 billion, who’ve always known life with Instagram and have faced significant economic challenges, from the 2008 recession to the pandemic.

Understanding the preferences and buying behaviors of these two groups is more than just demographic sorting. It’s an insight into their worldviews, lifestyles, and choices. So, let’s unravel how liquor producers can effectively tap into these vast yet nuanced markets.

What’s The Intentional Drinking Phenomenon?

Both Gen Z and Millennials are moving away from the binge-drinking culture of yore. With about 48% of Gen Z open to the concept of “dry dating” and a significant 37% of Millennials resonating with the idea, the narrative is clear. Drinking is less about social pressure and more about personal choice. Tailoring experiences that don’t emphasize alcohol as the central theme but as an accessory to an event can resonate well with this shift.

Experiential Marketing

Ever noticed how a certain scent can transport you back in time or how a particular taste can evoke strong emotions? That’s the power of sensory experiences. Create tastings or events where customers can not only sample but also learn about the history, process, and nuances of your product. Make it immersive—let them feel the oak barrel’s texture, hear the story of the distillery, and see the golden hue of the whiskey.

Ethical Production: Value over Volume

Gen Z and Millennials are conscientious consumers. They’re drawn to brands that uphold sustainability, fair trade, and ethical practices. If your spirit is produced sustainably or supports a community cause, highlight it. And if it doesn’t, perhaps it’s time to rethink your production line. It’s not just about the drink anymore; it’s about the story and values behind it.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The digital realm is where these generations thrive. Imagine offering a virtual distillery tour or an augmented reality experience where users can see cocktail recipes pop up when they point their phone at your product. Technology isn’t just a tool—it’s the bridge that connects you with your audience.

Limited Editions and Collaborations

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Limited edition releases, especially those done in collaboration with artists or influencers, can create a buzz. It’s the thrill of owning something unique, and the social media shares and word-of-mouth it generates is priceless.

  • Content: Content marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting with Millennials. It’s not about bombarding them with information, but about crafting relatable narratives. Engaging blogs, interactive webinars, and insightful videos can bridge the gap between your brand and the consumer, creating a bond based on knowledge and trust.

Educational Engagement

A discerning drinker is an educated one. Offer workshops, webinars, or content that delves deep into the world of spirits. Whether it’s the science of fermentation, the art of blending, or the craft of cocktail-making, knowledge empowers your customers and fosters loyalty.

  • Health at the Heart of Choices: With 60% of both generations leaning towards brands that offer lower ABV options or health benefits, there’s a vast market waiting to be tapped. However, merely offering these options isn’t enough. The communication around them needs to be clear, resonating with their focus on mindfulness and balance.
  • Experiences Over Extravagance: Millennials resonate with experiences more than luxury. For this generation, sipping on a cocktail isn’t just about the drink but about the story behind it, the ambiance of the place, and the memories being crafted. Pop-up events, mixology workshops, or behind-the-scenes distillery tours can offer the immersive experience this generation craves.

Personalization: Your Drink, Your Way

Allow customers to customize their experience. Whether it’s engraving their name on a bottle, choosing the ingredients for a bespoke blend, or selecting unique packaging, personal touches go a long way. It’s a statement, a story, a memory—all bottled up.

  • Embrace the Age of Authenticity: This generation values user-generated content, leaning heavily on peer reviews, social media shares, and genuine brand interactions. Encouraging your patrons to share their experiences with your brand, be it through Instagram stories or reviews, can have a snowball effect. It’s less about the advertisement and more about the real stories and connections behind it.

The Importance of Targeting Gen Z and Millennials

For businesses seeking sustainable growth, understanding the buying behaviors and preferences of these groups isn’t optional—it’s paramount.

The Power of the Purse

First and foremost, the combined spending power of these two cohorts is colossal. With Millennials wielding a reported $30.2 billion and Gen Z holding close with a notable $10.7 billion, these figures are not just numbers; they’re gold mines waiting to be tapped. Ignoring such a vast chunk of potential revenue would be, in no uncertain terms, a colossal oversight.

Digital Dynamics

The rise of e-commerce, social media, and online branding was not merely observed by these generations; they were the catalysts. Their digital prowess means they’re not just buying products; they’re engaging with brands, sharing feedback, and influencing peers—all in real-time. A business that doesn’t cater to this digitally savvy audience is akin to a ship navigating without a compass.

Authenticity is the New Currency

While older generations might have been swayed by overt advertisements, Gen Z and Millennials seek genuine connections. Peer reviews, user-generated content, and transparent brand narratives resonate deeply with them. A bottle of whiskey isn’t just a drink; it’s a story, an experience, a shared memory. Brands that can weave authenticity into their offerings will find loyal patrons in these generations.

Values-Driven Consumption

The younger generations are not mere consumers; they’re conscientious participants in the global market. Sustainability, ethical production, and social responsibility are not just buzzwords for them; they’re benchmarks for brand loyalty. A liquor brand that aligns with their values is not just a favorite; it’s a part of their identity.

A Toast to Gen Z and Millennials

By harnessing the transformative power of their spending, digital dominance, and unwavering quest for authenticity, the spirits sector can redefine its trajectory. However, this isn’t just about aligning products and marketing strategies; it’s a call for deeper empathy.

The economic turbulence they’ve weathered, coupled with a global health crisis, has sharpened their values and honed their priorities. Yet, amid these challenges, they seek balance, authenticity, and memorable experiences. And, while health and mindfulness emerge as strong themes, the yearning for genuine connections and narratives remains paramount.

Brands that recognize this, that resonate with these deeply-felt needs, will not only flourish but will also enjoy unparalleled brand loyalty. And as the spirits industry stands at this pivotal juncture, it’s clear that Gen Z and Millennials are its guiding lights.