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WFNW is organized by The Luna Foundation, an Oregon nonprofit whose mission is to facilitate otherwise unavailable opportunities for children and families affected by illness or poverty through the promotion of the arts, music and events in the NW.


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WhiskeyFest NW 2014 Proceeds will benefit the Oregon Active Foundation (ORA), an Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing Adventure Therapy (AT) for people in our community with disabilities and other life challenging conditions. ORA inspires through positive emotion, challenges, community support and a connection with the natural world that refreshes the human spirit. The AT Programs undertake tasks that require perseverance, imagination, commitment and, above all, fun and excitement. Adventure therapy offers access to the essential meanings of human life, as revealed both by the natural world and on that foundation it offers an examination of how personal lives and values fit with the underlying structures of humanness.

2013 Proceeds benefitted CASA for Children of Multnomah & Washington Counties.