2014 Cocktail Competition Whiskey Sour Winner:



Emilly Mistel representing The Rum Club.

Emily has been in the Seattle & Portland area long enough to have an incredible network of friends throughout the Northwest. She’s a badass chick who runs the show at Rum Club in SE – a staple and icon of the love within the service industry.

Emily’s Old Fashioned is unmatched in the world. It’s straight deliciousness.

2013 WFNW Competition Whiskey Sour Winner:


Michael Lorborbaum

Michael Lorberbaum was born in New Jersey, failed Japanese in Maryland, toured with Fabio in Disneyworld, played rock and roll in Albuquerque,and is currently mixing drinks and building stuff for his wife and son in Portland, Oregon. As a lad he had dreams of becoming a heart surgeon, beat poet, english teacher, and a radio dj. Michael is honored to be judging this years cocktail competition at Whiskeyfest NW. He feels the world is a better place because of the venerable Old Fashioned, a drink in which the spirit shines, the body relaxes, and the soul reflects.


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