Whiskey Stumpers

Q: About how many brands of whiskey exist worldwide?
A: 2,500

Q: What is the difference between whisky and whiskey?
A: The spelling whisky (plural whiskies) is generally used for whiskies distilled in Scotland, Wales, Canada, and Japan, while whiskey is used for the spirits distilled in Ireland and America.

Q: Who invented the original “Manhattan” cocktail (whiskey and sweet vermouth)?
A: Winston Churchill’s mother.

Q: When was bourbon declared the official spirit of the United States, by act of Congress?
A: May 4, 1964.

Q: Whiskey is believed to have been first distilled in what country?
A: Ireland

Q: Which Scottish region is known for producing smoky tasting whiskey?
A: Islay (a rugged island off the west coast of Scotland). The smoky flavor comes from peat, which is used to dry the barley.

Q: What great actor once said: “I should have never switched from scotch to martinis.”
A: Humphrey Bogart

Q: What famous author claimed this: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough.”
A: Mark Twain

Q: What was Jack Daniel’s real first name?
A: Jasper. Full name: Jasper Newton Daniel

Q: Where was Jack Daniel born?
A: Lynchburg, TN

Q: What does the DEW stand for in Tullamore Dew?
A: They are the initials of Daniel E. Williams. (major influence in the building of the distillery in Tullamore County, Ireland)

Q: What whiskey brand has trademarked red dripping wax as their seal?
A: Maker’s Mark

Q: Who is the first woman in the bourbon industry to have achieved the level of Vice President, Operations?
A: Victoria MacRae-Samuels; VP at Maker’s Mark

Q: What is the reason Crown Royal was first created?
A: To celebrate the maiden visit to Canada of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England

Q: How many familial generations have kept Jim Beam alive?
A: 7 generations

Q: What famous celebrity did Jim Beam film an infomercial with?
A: Mila Kunis

Q: What whiskey company has a cowgirl posse of 8 women?
A: Pendleton

Q: What part of the world produces a whiskey called “Obama”?
A: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Q: What is the technical term for “whiskey wash”?
A: Beer. Regardless of the type of raw ingredients used, to distill whiskey, you first have to make beer.

Q: What U.S. president was the owner and operator of the largest whiskey distillery in the country when he was elected?
A: George Washington

Q: What curious liquid can actually be made into whiskey due to its high sugar content?
A: A diabetic’s urine

Q: How many rebels were convicted of treason by the end of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794?
A: Only 2. Both were pardoned by George Washington.

Q: What distillery produces Sazerac, rye whiskey?
A: Buffalo Trace Distillery (Frankfort, Kentucky)

Q: Sazerac brand whiskey symbolizes the tradition and history of what U.S. city?
A: New Orleans

Q: What was the slang term for whiskey in the 1920s?
A: Panther Piss

Q: What is the oldest licensed distillery in the world?
A: Old Bushmills Distillery (north coast of Ireland)

Q: Who were the first people to distill whiskey?
A: Christian monks who brought the distillation process to Ireland.