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Scottish Highland Dancers

Jocelyn Case has been competing since the age of 4.  Jocelyn grew up travelling around the United States, Canada and Scotland performing and competing.  At the age of 12, she became the first dancer from the Northwest Region to win the U.S. National Championships.  She continued on with her success and became a 10 time NW Regional Champion, 2 time U.S. Champion, and 3 time B.C. Open Champion.  She continued on to compete in the World Championships in Scotland, placing in the top 10 over 5 times.  Jocelyn is also a certified dance teacher in Portland, OR and runs the Case School of Highland Dance.  She continues to share her love of dance with her students.

Since beginning her dance career over 20 years ago, Hilary McKinney Heiney has competed throughout the United States, Canada and Scotland. Hilary has qualified for the US National Championships thirteen times and is a 5 time NW Regional Champion. During her first trip to Scotland she placed among the top 20 dancers in the World Championships. Hilary runs the McKinney School of Highland Dance in SE Portland, where she is a certified dance instructor and holds a Master’s in Education.

Elaine Beatley found Highland Dancing at the age of five after a few disastrous attempts at more standard dance forms (ballet and tap). She went on to dance competitively in Highland Dancing, traveling to different parts of the US and Canada and qualifying for four U.S. National Championships. She studied abroad in Scotland for a semester at the University of Glasgow where she danced, traveled and became an active member of the university’s Whiskey Appreciation Club. She is a certified dance teacher and subs dance classes at the Case School of Highland Dance in Portland, OR.  Elaine loves all types of dance and enjoyed exploring different forms in the Reparatory Dance Group at the University of Puget Sound. She hopes to begin teaching her own classes in the near future and become a more active member of the Portland Scottish and Highland Dance community. When not dancing, Elaine enjoys spending time with friends, reading and drinking whiskey.

A competitive dancer for over 25 years, Suvi Chisholm has competed in the US, Canada and Scotland. She has competed at the World Highland Dance Championship in Scotland and various Highland Games across the country. Most notably, competing twice at the Braemar Gathering, attended by Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family. Suvi is a certified instructor and dances at the MacKenzie Dance Academy in Lake Oswego.